People doing things in Ingleside

On a sunny Monday afternoon in Balboa Park, a couple of friends got together to show off their skills in the skate park.

Skyline College students Dennis Castrillo, 19, and Edison Tenorio, 20, brought their skateboards to Balboa Park in Ingleside on March 9, 2015 to meet up with old friends, and perhaps make some new ones, as well.

The skateboarders’ tricks and talents attracted an audience, as people were standing outside the fence watching the young riders.

Among the group of skaters, encouragement seemed to be appreciated. “Yeah!” yelled Castrillo, as Tenorio rode down the ramp.

Although there were mostly male participants in the park on Monday, a young woman, holding a skateboard, was sitting on the side rails speaking to a friend.

Safety comes first in the neighborhood skate park, as the participants took turns riding down the ramp. With skill and grace, much like choreography, one skater came back up the ramp, just as another one rode down.

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Linda Karlsson