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A Day and Night in North Beach

A large part of San Francisco’s tourism can be found in the North Beach district. Its neighboring districts include Chinatown and the Embarcadero, both very much tourist oriented, but you are sure to find something to do in North Beach whether it’s day or night. The North Beach district is home to Coit Tower, Transamerica Pyramid, City Lights Bookstore, Little Italy and night clubs.

Coit Tower is a large icon not only within the North Beach District but throughout the city of San Francisco. Coit Tower is found on Telegraph Hill and can be seen from all angles of North Beach. To reach Coit Tower from the Embarcadero you can take either Filbert Steps or Greenwich Steps. Both routes are a steep hike up many stairs but once you reach the top a bronze statue of Christopher Columbus stands in front of Coit Tower, also known as Pioneer Park. Also upon reaching the top you come across a 360-degree view of San Francisco’s famous landscapes. Once entering Coit Tower you come across mural filled walls.

North Beach is often known as Little Italy, where you can find authentic Italian cuisine as well as small Italian businesses. No matter the time of day, as you walk up and down Columbus Avenue you will come across business owners greeting you and welcoming you to their restaurants.

A popular spot during the day is Vesuvio Cafe, which opens at 8 a.m. where you can go out for a day drink and is neighbors with City Lights Bookstore where you can find an extensive collection of books. Once the sun goes down and the night comes, Broadway comes alive and fills North Beach with colorful LED lights coming from its rows and rows of strip clubs.

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