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The city of San Carlos, part of the Bay Area’s Peninsula, is known as the City of Good Living. Anyone who wants to experience this good living firsthand can walk down Laurel Street, which is the main street in downtown San Carlos. The downtown area is full of boutiques, shops, banks and a wide variety of restaurants. City Hall, the police station, and the library are only a two minute walk away. San Carlos is known as a very safe area, one where parents feel comfortable enough to let their children and teenagers walk around without supervision.

The City Hall Dog Park at the corner of San Carlos Avenue and Elm Street is a new addition to San Carlos, and it has quickly become a favorite spot for the city’s dog lovers. No matter the time of day, dogs can be seen running around the park leash free. The off leash rule is an essential part of why the dog park was built. Dog owners in San Carlos have always wanted a place to let their dogs roam free in a safe environment, and now that wish has come true.

A new development in downtown San Carlos is the demolishing of old shop buildings to make room for a future apartment complex with underground parking garage. The current construction has affected one of downtown’s main parking lots, so the city is creating a temporary parking lot called Wheeler Plaza. This temporary parking lot will remain until construction of the complex is over. Many residents are excited about the new opportunity for housing, yet others worry that parking downtown will be severely inconvenienced.

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