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May 27, Aria Brock


San Francisco State University, San Francisco, Calif. – Mayhem ensued after Sunday night’s United Airlines passenger dragging video shocked the Twitter-verse. But at San Francisco State University, students had mixed reactions.

“This would never happen in Europe. It’s totally an American thing,” said Jonathan Zolghadra, 24, who is a computer science major and an Iranian exchange student.

“I thought it was a prank at first,” said Zolghadra. “It was wrong how they treated him. The guy paid for his ticket. They say it was random, but it wasn’t.”

Dr. David Dao, 69, was seated aboard United Airlines flight 3411 scheduled to depart from Louisville, Kentucky and land in Chicago when he was forcibly removed in order to make room for airline employees not originally scheduled for the flight. The episode was instantaneously broadcast worldwide after fellow passengers like Tyler Bridges took to Twitter.

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SF State students like computer science major Angel fuentes,19, took a darker view than most.

“Bad things happen everywhere,” he said. But when asked if he would fly the airline he responded “no because they f***** up.”

Nicholas Mitchell, 21, chemistry major, and a sophomore on campus seemed shocked by the way the airline handled the passenger.

“It could have been done peacefully,” said Mitchell. “Since he was a doctor they should have made some accommodation”  

Other students like Jacob Harey, 26 and a junior liberal studies major, was more forgiving of the company but still thinks they could have handled it differently.

“I think because of social media, it’s available to us but this has happened before,” he said. “I don’t think there should be laws or regulations. These are billion dollar companies they should offer more, so no one has to be removed”

Students like Samantha Durham, a 23-year-old journalism major, took a pretty pragmatic view of the whole ordeal.

“I don’t think they went about it the right way, but I understand there’s guidelines they have to follow,” she said.

“But It was awful to see the man all bloodied up like that,” she continued. “It was a big **** up and bad public relations. The airline handled it very poorly”

“You’ll have to drag me,” were Dao’s last words prior to being forcibly extracted by airport personnel, according to a passenger recording released by the Daily Mail.

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  • vlad the impaler

    what are you media shits trying to, do ruin united airlines?my dad worked for united his whole life and they were very good to my family,what one guy did does not make a company bad.the victim is a known con artist who wasnt bleeding until he reappeared after being dragged off.i dont agree with how they handled it but give united a break they were victims of 911 and it ruined my fathers retirement,so lay off,they made a mistake,first the arabs try to take down united now its the media and immigrants.get a life united has always been a big part of the bay area but none of you would be old enough to know or care.they were very kind to me as a kid and we flew everywhere until jimmy carter in the first of devastating blows to our airlines , deregulated the industry,now the arabs and the asians have the best airlines the exact people who are trying to destroy united here in hell with you media punks you probably haven’t worked a hard days work in your lives.leave united alone and quit pandering to immigrants.theres plenty other things to write about,dont worry that little bugeater will retire a millionaire for a bloody lip.absolutely outrageous if you ask me ,he should have gotten off the plane.