Richmond city is made of beautiful places and delightful residents; not only of crime.

The high rate of crime in Richmond city has created a terrible reputation to this city, yet there is something more that has made a unique city.

Richmond is located in the East Bay region nearby to San Francisco Calif. Richmond is part of the Contra Costa County and its population is the highest compared to the rest of the cities in this region.

The Mayor of Richmond is Tom Butt. He has greatly influenced on the growth of Richmond city.

Its history made what Richmond is today. In 1899, the first railroad was established and after a year, the first train that arrived to Richmond from Chicago. Subsequently, the first company established in Richmond was the Standard Oil.

In 1905, Richmond was incorporated as a city and its industrial was growing as well as its population.

Most of the residents are Hispanics, following by African-Americans, Anglo-Americans, and Asians. The first explorers that visited Richmond were Spanish in 1772, perhaps for that reason, the half of its population is Hispanic.

Richmond’s economic is increasing after the years are passing by. The poverty rate is of 17.5 percent, so it is noticeable that some Richmond residents do not live with some accommodations as others around the Bay Area.

Richmond is known as a criminal city since the high rate of crime. Conversely, only an average of residents and other people around Richmond realize that this city is full of wonderful places and a powerful community.

The community of Richmond fights for their rights and a well-being of everyone. There are some community centers that help residents with their education or economy. The Latina Center is one of the most popular center in Richmond. The Latina Center provides classes for parents who need help to administrate the money, establish a business, or educate their children. Furthermore, there is a group that helps teenagers if they have drug or alcohol additions.

Additionally, there are many organizations that provide the residents a better service. In the downtown of Richmond is located a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit system) station that provides commuters a service to El Cerrito, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and more cities around the Bay Area.

Richmond Marina is one of the most beautiful places that form Richmond. In a sunny day, people walk on the Marina and even in a windy day. Most of the residents likes the Richmond’s clime.

Furthermore, there are many Salvadorian, Mexican, Chinese restaurants around the city. The residents can enjoy a delicious meal with their families.

Families enjoy more when the community organizes events or festivals. One of the most popular festival is El Cinco de Mayo because it is when all the residents meet at one place, the 23th street. The 23th and McDonalds are the main avenues. They celebrate as a family.

Richmond city as a criminal city as many people categorized, but behind of this stereotype there are beautiful things. The Richmond residents work on having a better city.

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Karla Juarez

Karla Juarez

Karla Juarez is a junior Journalism major at San Francisco State University. She received an AA from Contra Costa College where she wrote for the student publication - The Advocate. Juarez is a Print and Online sequence major and enjoys writing about her community and currently is reporting on issues regarding immigration and DACA. Juarez is from Leon, Guanajuato Mexico. She currently lives in Richmond Calif.