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Taking It To The World


Taking it to the streets is an association looking to help homeless youth from Haight Street to have better lives. After an interview with the exclusive director and co-founder, Christian Calinsky in which he explains how the people from Haight are what makes the district special we can see how there’s a lot of people wanting to better their lives. Calinsky tells us how the people in Haight want community between one another and how taking it to the streets has created that bound between the homeless and the people who own stores. What makes this community special is the people that have been around and want to still be present in times of need. Hopefully someday, taking it to the streets becomes something bigger that can help every homeless youth that wants to better their situation and it will take it to the world more than just San Francisco.

About the author

Stephanie Rosado

Stephanie Rosado

Stephanie Rosado, 22, is a first-year student at San Francisco State University, who transferred from Cuyamaca College. Stephanie is majoring in Journalism and hoping to minor in creative writing. Stephanie grew up in LA, San Diego, Ensenada Bc and moved to San Francisco recently this year. Stephanie is passionate about traveling, exploring different cultures, photography and enjoys critiquing movies. In the future, she hopes to write for a magazine or work for a publishing company.