Bay Area Fillmore San Francisco

Fillmoe with the Green Twins

Melonie and Melorra Green are twin sisters that have helped renew the legendary San Francisco neighborhood, The Fillmore. Working as the Co-Executive Directors at the African American Art and Culture Complex, the sisters use their platform to create a space for Fillmore residents to grow and support their ideas. On Tuesdays nights, they expand their platform and go live at San Francisco’s KPOO radio station. The twins host in house guests and call in from community members, activists, and artists throughout the city, and even the country. Melonie and Melorra host and work closely with events such as the AAACC’s annual Toy Wrapping party and holiday events, and supported San Francisco State University’s BSU event “To Be Black & Queer.” Watch as the Green twins share their narrative on giving back to the community.

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