Bay Area Nob Hill

Nob Hill’s Antique Book Shop


Robert D. Haines Jr explains the history of the Argonaut Book Shop, one of Nob Hill’s hidden treasures. The book shop was founded by his father in 1941, and Haines Jr continues to run the book shop which specializes in California and the American West.

“There will always be an interest in rare books”.

About the author

Taylor Padfield

Taylor Padfield

Taylor Padfield is a 19-year-old exchange student from Swinburne University born in Melbourne, Australia, majoring in journalism and public relations. This is her second year in college and she would like to travel and write about her experiences in foreign countries. Taylor is new in the Bay area and enjoys art, sports and has a very refreshing mindset towards media and news. She also likes to draw portraits and read biography’s.