San Francisco is a city that takes pride in its uniqueness, unusualness and outright weirdness in the most beautiful ways possible. One of the best ways to discover the quirky, unconventional side of the city is by observing its many strange and yet unique restaurants and cafes. Here are some of the most unique places to dine in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Tonga Room & Hurricane Bar

A tiki-themed bar and restaurant situated in the Fairmont Hotel, the Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar serve the most exquisite Asian cuisine. It was built in 1929 and is one of the most unique attractions in the San Francisco Bay area. A pool stretches 75 feet in the centre, and at the centre of the pool is a small island where live bands play to entertain the customers. The band will be periodically surrounded by a light waterfall. A great place for a few drinks and fun dance with friends, the Tonga Room also has tiki-themed drinks served at the restaurant as well.



A perfect place for a bit of dancing and a lot of dinners, AsiaSF is another Asian restaurant. The restaurant hires dancers to not just dance and entertains the customers on and off the bar, but to serve food and drinks too. The shows, however, are scheduled so you will need to reserve seating for dinner. The restaurant is upstairs, whereas downstairs is where the nightclub is. After dinner, you can chill at the nightclub where the DJ usually plays some pop music to dance to. If you want an authentic San Francisco style nightlife experience, AsiaSF is a definite recommendation.


Mini Golf at Urban Putt

An indoor mini-golf course with a bar and a full-fledged restaurant, Urban Putt is a one of a kind experience for newcomers. If you are looking for a fun evening and a unique experience, the Urban Putt should be your go-to option. The soft ice cream is a top highlight of the place, so don’t forget to order that while you are there.

Foreign Cinema

A restaurant that has been listed in San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants for almost two decades continuously, the Foreign Cinema Restaurant serves its food in a contemporary style theatre themed setting. With glamorous decor and an exquisite menu, the place is run by chefs John Clark and Gayle Pirie. The place resembles a West coast take of a romantic night and is surely a nice experience.


An underwater-themed restaurant, Farallon is a unique seafood restaurant that is complete with jellyfish chandeliers, shining kelp columns, octopus stools and a sandy ocean floor balcony with several thousand blue marbles. The restaurant also has a Jellyfish themed bar and lounge called the Jelly Bar and Jelly Lounge respectively. kitchen remodeling long island helped some restaurants get going pretty fast recently.

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